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Mar 20, 2013 -

Good Sleeping Weather

I left all the windows and roof hatches open last night, so the rig was super comfortable to sleep. It’s actually rather cold in here this morning, but I know that won’t last long.

The kitchen hatch rattles like the dickens, so I’ll keep it shut at night from now on. It’s meant as an escape route, so it doesn’t have a cover over it. This means that one really good gust of wind could rip it of, another reason not to leave it opened while unsupervised.

I bought a pork roast when I did my grocery run yesterday, so I’m cooking it this morning before the temperatures rise. It’s starting to smell really good! That said, we’re only supposed to hit about 75 today and that sky looks suspiciously full of rain clouds. So the heat wave is probably over.

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Mar 18, 2013 -

Two Months of Ground Oyster Shells


Fighting the dust on the beach was a losing battle. I gave up, satisfying myself with a daily cursory sweep of the broom and passing of a Swiffer cloth over surfaces.

Since I’ll be getting a shower tonight, it seemed such a shame to go to bed in a dirty rig. So as soon as the laundry was done, I set to work with the shop vac, a bucket of sudsy water, and Pledge Future.

The rig was otherwise spotless, so there was a minimum amount of moving stuff out of the way needed to vacuum and wash the rig from the ceiling down to the floors and then add the Future to make them shiny.

Soon as I finish my deliciously icy cold beer, I am heading for the shower. I don’t plan to get out of it until I look like a prune!

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Mar 16, 2013 -

Securing Things For RV Travel

Okay, so I sort of lied this morning in that I am thinking about departure, but not in an, “OMG THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO!” mode, rather in a “Let’s see if I can make this departure thing even easier” mode.

I’m going around the rig and putting things where they belong. Whatever else is out is stuff that I would put on the bed in the back or in one of the sinks when I travel. I eliminated the sink storage by adding storage near the bathroom vanity and with a new kitchen cabinet.

The study isn’t too bad, really. I rearranged my overhead cabinets (AGAIN) to eliminate the basket on the desk and the computers go into their cases and storage place on travel day. All that was left were the keyboard, which is destined to always travel on the bed, and the garbage bucket, which fits neatly on one corner of the desk and usually remains there during travel:


Why bother coming up with a way to secure it? It’s light, so if it moves, no big deal, it won’t damage anything. But what if I forget to empty it before I take off? Why not eliminate having to think about it?

All it took was a cup hook:


Incidentally, this garbage bucket is a good example of a multi-use item since I use it to hold my cleaning solution when I wash the cabinets or the floors.

Getting the inside ready for departure is at most a 10-minute deal now and I think I can cut that down even further with added tweaks.

The next challenge is the kitchen cubbies. I put some non-skid material under them, but still have to figure out a way to keep the drawers from opening without running the unit or making it fiddly. At this point, I’m thinking bungee cords, which is not ideal, but I’m tired of having to turn the unit around to face the wall when I travel, especially since I usually forget to do that and have a mess on my hands when I arrive. I tried to eliminate them from the kitchen, but they are just too useful and so I am left with finding a better way to make them work in travel mode.

A good home is never done…

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