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Sep 19, 2011 -

Being Out of Propane Really Messes Up the Routine

Last night, I ran out of propane just as dinner was finishing. The chicken needed an extra minute, but a lid and the residual heat from the very hot cast iron pan finished the meat off nicely. So, no propane, turn the water heater off, make a note to pick some up after work the next day.

This morning, I wake up and stumble to the dressing room to wash my face. Run the hot water for a second, splash some on my face, and WOAH, that’s cold! Oh, right! No propane. Duh.

Shuffle back to the kitchen to make coffee. Rinse French press. Why is the water cold? Oh, yeah, I’ve been down this road this morning. Fill kettle and put it on the stove. Strike match, turn on burner, and… oh, right.

(Mornings are tough for me. 🙂 )

Since I’m moving in just under two weeks, it didn’t make sense to get a full 30lber of propane. I asked for 10lbs. Except that propane is sold in litres here… Quick, some math! A full tank is about $18 so a third is $6! The propane filler guy was very good natured about the exercise. 🙂

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Aug 29, 2011 -

Privacy When Having Someone Else Handle Your Mail

My friend Sarah is back home in Dawson City and cleared out my PO box for me. The only worrisome thing was a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). I gave her permission to open it so that I wouldn’t have to stress unless absolutely necessary.

She emailed me back straight away (thanks!) and had this to say: “Bloody hell! It’s in French!”

So a great way to maintain your privacy when having someone else handle your mail is to make sure the person doesn’t read the language in which you get your mail! 😀



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Jun 27, 2011 -

“I just privatized world peace”

My favourite type of popcorn movie is the comic book adaptation. A recent favourite is the Ironman franchise. I saw Ironman 2 in Dawson last summer.

So you can imagine how amused I was this afternoon when I went across the street to the bottle depot and saw the following lying on the grass by a tree:

Wonder if this guy is running around our neighbourhood without his mask. I guess he’ll be tough to miss.

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