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Dec 1, 2012 -

Dude, Where’s My Truck?!

This evening, I headed into town to get a few things at Lowes.

I decided to stop at Pizza Hut for dinner first. The menu here is quite different than the one in Canada as it is much less extensive. But, like in Canada, my usual order cost less than what the menu claimed it should in addition to the cost being less than up north. $9 (including the tip) for a giant mountain of salad and a pizza. Really, why do I bother cooking in the States?

The folks at the Suffolk Lowes are so helpful! I wound up in the hardware section before I was accosted by a sales clerk.

“Where’s caulking?”
“Sorry, clear across the store in painting.”
“And wood glue?”
“Same aisle.”
“Door catches?”
“That I can help you with!” He wasn’t satisfied to just tell me that it was in ‘that aisle’ but made sure I had the exact kind I wanted and in the right colour.

The parking lot of the store was nearly empty when I came out and something seemed odd. Waitaminute. Where’s my truck?! I wandered around for a bit feeling completely bewildered and desperately trying to remember landmarks I had seen on the way into the store. But the lot was practically empty. I could easily scan it My truck wasn’t there!

There was no way someone stole my truck while I was in the store; right? And there wouldn’t have been any reason or time to tow it; right? And then I remembered the hot dog stand. I had passed it on the way in. I found it and then realised that the Lowes parking lot is divided into two with a road between the parts. I was thinking so hard about my shopping list as I walked into the store that I hadn’t even noticed I wasn’t parked in the main lot.

So, yes. My truck was fine and waiting for me right where I left her. I realised then just how deeply I miss having electric doors with a key fob that has a car finder button. I never knew how much I relied on it until I lost it.

From now on, I will try to heed the words of the immortal Captain Kirk as I leave my car in the hopes that this will serve a mnemonic device:

Everybody remember where we parked.

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Oct 7, 2012 -

A New Window and More Shelves

Have I got an RV tip for y’all today! If you need to replace any of the trim on your rig, say a window frame, and the only ones you can find are the same colour as your rig, not your trim, wait!

My mother helped me install the new exterior window frame on the house door this week and it looks okay, but not great:

We used tons of putty to hold it and keep it sealed (more than the instructions called for) so pulling off the frame to replace it later is out of the question. I will learn to live with it. 🙂

As for shelving, my system in the study’s overhead cabinets wasn’t working. The back wall of the cabinets is slanted, with the top being narrower than the bottom, so I would frequently park somewhere, open a cabinet, and boxes would fly out after having shifted in transit.

I went into the house this morning to ask my mother if she would by chance have any suitable shelving material. Yes, and she was willing to cut it right then, but after that I was on my own as we hadn’t planned to do any work in the rig this weekend (not that there’s any real work to be done, woohoo!). That was fine by me as putting shelves in these cabinets doesn’t provide enough room for two.

A few hours and grazed knuckles later, I was able to move all the bins to the driver’s side cabinets and the odd-sized stuff to the rear cabinet.

I’m nowhere near 100% done with this project as I still need to sort out and containerize some things, so that’s why I’m not showing the rear cabinet now. 🙂 My favourite part of this is that I have some long, slim odd-shaped containers that fill in the rear of the top part of the new shelving behind the clear containers. So I feel like I actually gained some space.

Since I had tools out and there was enough shelving material, I decided to add a shelf in the pantry:

This one made the biggest impact! Those four baskets used to fill up two cabinets and now they slide easily into just one!

Now, I have a bonus RV tip for maximizing space in your RV freezer (even if yours is as decadently large as mine): remove the packaging on whatever you store in there. But do be prepared for people who see your trash to be puzzled.

I was invited over for lunch today and I said that I had no idea what I would have eaten otherwise. I was told, “Pizza. I can’t believe how much pizza you eat!” I burst out laughing. I buy a few frozen pizzas at a time when they are $4.99 or less and remove the boxes for storage. With the thin crust pizzas, I can fit almost five in the space it would take for just one box! I just went grocery shopping this week AND I ordered pizza the night before I did the groceries, so I can imagine what the recycling must have looked like! I explained that of all the boxes in the recycling, I had only thus far consumed half of the take out pizza and all the rest was still in the freezer!

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Aug 11, 2012 -

I Guess There Are Some Things You Never Forget

I decided to order the best pizza on the continent for dinner. The last time I phoned in an order was, oh, 15 years ago or so.

So I’m rather a little amused that it was only after I ended the call that I realised that I dialed the number without looking it up. I couldn’t tell you what my last phone number was, but after 15 years I still remember the number for Tre Colori. The human brain never ceases to amuse me!

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