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Mar 30, 2009 -

Of Taxes and Mail

The irony of socialism is that the less money you make, the better off you are financially. I have this thought every year at about this time, upon filing my taxes. At least this year, it’s in my favour. 🙂 I’m a little behind this year in getting them done seeing as the HR idiot who couldn’t care less about his job person not working in a field compatible with his personality neglected to change my address (after asking me four times for it). Kudos to my post office in Gatineau for sending the envelope on to my PO box, even though my redirect expired a month ago!

If you:

a) are Canadian
b) haven’t filed your taxes yet
c) plan to file them with QuickTax, then I would appreciate it if you bought your software through this link.

Now, let’s see how long and convoluted a process it will be to get the cheques into my grubby little hands. Hopefully, it will happen before May 1st while I am still stationary.

One thing I am learning in this first year on the road is just how important it is to have someone you can trust managing your mail. It has happened several times now that I have asked the UPS store clerk to check my box for a particular letter, with a note that I would try again in a week if it hadn’t, and to have him write me a few days later to let me know that letter was on its way. Getting my mail forwarded isn’t cheap (it has cost me anywhere from 2$ for  my T4s to 30$ when I lived in Oliver because I had to use UPS rather than Canada Post since I couldn’t trust the post office), but I much prefer to pay for a PO box than have family or a friend manage my mail for me. I still don’t know what I’ll be doing next fall, but so far the UPS store is working out just fine.

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Jan 9, 2009 -

Mail Improvements

Until I got here, all the parks I’d stayed at preferred that mail not be sent directly to them (courrier deliveries okay, though). So, I’ve been having my mail sent general delivery. This worked out fine until I got to Oliver. The post office there was really bad. Canada Post’s services are notoriously poor, but these guys were the champions of bad service. They misplaced some of my mail, didn’t lift a finger to find it even though I was able to prove that the mail go to their office, and tried to blame me for the error when the package was finally located. I wound up having my mail forwarded directly to the resort by UPS at 30$ a pop!

At Pacific Border, mail can simply be sent to your attention. There are bins at the front desk where mail is sorted alphabetically and guests can go through the appropriate bin to find mail they’re waiting for. Sure, it’s not the most secure method, but, really, how secure is your mail when it’s sitting in a box on your porch anyway?

I continue to be pleased with the service I’m getting from the clerk at the UPS store in Gatineau where I rented a box. Several weeks ago, I emailed him to ask if some mail I was expecting had arrived and if so to please send me all my mail to Oliver, otherwise I would try again in a week. He replied that the letter hadn’t arrived. Two days later, he sent me another email telling me that he’d spotted my letter and my mail was on its way. This is a busy store so talk about service!

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Sep 20, 2008 -

Lost in an Endless Sea of Blue and Gold

I’m in Saskatoon!

The exclamation point is because I was certain I’d be camping out at the Regina Walmart tonight as there was absolutely no way my mail could have arrived. I mean, it would be way too convenient. But it did!

It turned out to be a good thing that I had to spend that extra day in the Regina area seeing as I woke up with a cold yesterday and felt like doing nothing but lounging around at home. I’m still stuffed up today, but at least I had enough energy to pack up and drive the 300 klicks to Saskatoon and to deal with the issues that needed dealing with this morning.

One of them was having my new wheel retorqued at a Regina Kal Tire (amazing backing up manoeuvres were required there). The other is such a classic Rae moment that those who know me are going to burst out laughing when they read about it. After Kal Tire, I parked at a nearby Walmart to have lunch, scope out the parking lot, and call the post office. I did what I needed to do, got hold of the post office who gave me the good news, and stepped out of the coach to check on the toad, ecstatic that I was going to be on the road to Saskatoon within the half hour.

Which is when I discovered that I’d locked myself out of the coach. All my spare keys were in Miranda. All the windows were shut. My cats can’t open a door. I just stared at the rig for a moment dumbfounded and in complete disbelief of just how absent minded I can be sometimes. Then, I realised that I wasn’t really locked out after all!

When I park somewhere like a Walmart, I crack open a roof vent instead of a window. This afternoon, I just happened to open the one above the kitchen sink. It’s the only one I can fit through! So, I climbed up onto the roof, opened the hatch all the way, and lowered myself down to the counter (discovering at the same time that I’m definitely getting back into shape!).

That was the extent of the excitement for today, thankfully. I do want to say that I am in the market for a device that will activate at the same time as my turn signals and which will scream out: “This coach is moving into the left/right lane! Get the *beep* out of the way!” I cannot believe the number of people today who blatantly ignored my turn signals and purposely sped up to close gaps that I was about to merge into.

Today was a good day on the road. I love waking up not knowing where I’m going to sleep that night.

Please stay tuned for posts about Moose Jaw and the RCMP Heritage Centre!

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