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May 10, 2010 -

Like I Haven’t Left

Yesterday, I finally got the toad trickle charged and was able to take it out for a spin. We had a couple of guests who needed a ride back to town to pick up their luggage and a few groceries, so I took them to give the toad a bit of a workout. It’s working just fine. I also spent a couple of hours behind the front desk getting reaccustomed to procedures.

Today, I worked a ‘normal’ shift, at least one that was like what I was doing at the end of last summer: 11 to 2, then 5 to 8, including doing the night audit and locking up. I’m almost 100% back into the groove of things!

This afternoon, I went to town to check out the state of my PO box and all was good. I had a couple of pieces of junk mail as well as a post card from my best friend, which made the trip out worthwhile.

The weather today was weird; started off sunny and warm and became cold and rainy, but now we’re back to bright sunshine (at 10PM no less). I hope that this rain thing isn’t going to last much longer!

It’s just so good to be back. 😀

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Nov 10, 2009 -

This and That

1) I stumbled out of bed at 9:30 this morning in answer to a knock on my door. It was the mail carrier with a registered letter for me. My foggy brain was able to make out the words “Wow, first time I ever got mail at home!”

Thankfully, I’d been previously introduced to the mail carrier and she knew a bit of my story.

2) Today’s shift was great! I worked once again with the colleague who trained me the first day and things are good between us now. We work super well together, finding it easy to equitably divvy up the sucky jobs, of which there are many. Tonight, she introduced me to the slushy machine. I’d been curious about the colourful swirls of ice named after big brand sodas, like Mountain Dew and Sprite, and was surprised to learn that we get those free, too! I don’t normally drink sodas, but I’m a sucker for slushies, so I decided to try an orange one. Let’s just say I’m going to have to put a note on my mug reminding me that those things are pure sugar! 🙂 But what a treat! Business was a bit slow tonight and we gabbed a lot, which made us late for closing up. Oops. 🙂

3) I have a childhood friend with whom I’ve reconnected through Facebook whose mother also friended me. This mother has a childhood friend of her own who happens to live in Campbell River. The friend and I will be meeting for coffee this week. Do I know anyone who doesn’t know someone who lives in Campbell River? 😀

*moves away from the light tone*

4) I found out yesterday that an aunt, my only one on my dad’s side (his sister) passed away suddenly on Sunday. Going back east for the funeral on Friday isn’t an option, unfortunately. My thoughts go out to my cousins and their families as well as my uncle.

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Oct 6, 2009 -

Mail Management Update

Just before leaving Dawson, I made some changes to how my mail will be handled seeing as nothing should be going to a UPS store in Quebec anymore. 🙂

The first thing I did was file a change of address through Canada Post to redirect my mail from Gatineau to Dawson City for six months. This will give me time to catch the few things for which I forgot to change my address.

The second thing I did was request a redirect of my mail from Dawson to Croft’s home in Campbell River starting September 21st until May 1st. This means that mail will be coming directly during the most crucial time of the year (ie. tax season) and that I won’t have to rely on anyone to check my mail box and forward things to me. Croft has informed me that the redirects have worked as he has received some mail for me. Hopefully, he won’t be inundated. 🙂 When I return to Dawson in the spring, a few weeks’ worth of mail will be waiting for me.

Initially, the cost for the services made me faint. The change of address was $50.79 and the redirect was $117.60. So, I went over my mail related costs for the past year and found them to be close to $400, more than twice what I’m paying this year! I paid about $120 for the UPS store box and then I had to pay each time they sent me mail. When I was in Oliver, I had to use UPS seeing as the post office wasn’t reliable, to the tune of $30 a pop. This will be much more efficient and I can do as I’ve always done, giving my local address for one time deliveries.

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