Calling It a Day

I feel like I didn’t get anything done today because the flooring in the dressing room still isn’t in. That said, I haven’t be sitting around!

The weather was beautiful so I took everything out of my large pass-through compartment, set aside things I want to donate, and then loaded up one of my large RubberMaid tubs with all my cold weather gear. While gathering all of that together, I made up another bag of things to donate. I then reloaded the pass-through and came inside to tackled the floors.

This project has officially turned into a nightmare. 🙂 It is a huge job to get as neat an edge as possible near the walls. I have to pry up a board, snap it as close to the wall as possible, and then use a hammer and chisel to reduce the protruding edge to splinters that I pull out with pliers. It’s a small and awkward space to work in and I am so sore from twisting my body into a position from which to inflict maximum damage on the wood. My dad’s chisels are getting quite a workout!

did you know that in French chisels are called ‘wood scissors’?

Tomorrow, I will focus on getting that floor done and then move on to finishing up my study.

I also have some furniture shopping to do, but I think I will need to go to Nanaimo for that. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find an affordable lingerie chest in Campbell River? And how many people don’t know what such a thing is? It’s a tall, skinny dresser. Guess where I’m going to be putting it.

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  • If I’ve learned one thing from reading your blog it is that I will never tackle removing old flooring and installing new in an RV. I have carpet that I’ve never liked, but always hesitated pulling it up, and now I know why. I have to hand it to you – you will try anything and always end up doing a great job. Hang in there!

  • Oh, but the work is SO worth it, Martha!

    I’ve never had children, but I suspect that pulling up old flooring is like labour in that once you’re done with it you forget how hard it was. 🙂

  • Not much furniture shopping in CR. The Brick has the best prices if they have what you need. If they have one in their system they will bring it in for you. Not sure about stores in Courtenay.

  • You are doing great! I can’t wait to see more pictures.

  • The only interesting pics I took today were of my scrapes and bruises but tomorrow there should be more flooring stuff. 🙂

  • Hello Miranda,

    A friend directed me to your website because she’s been following our progress installing Allure flooring. We are both SO sore, our knees are killing us and we have been wearing knee pads! We’re doing the WHOLE motorhome. We’re just about done though, just have the steps and some trim work and we’ll be finished! I disagree about it being like childbirth. I don’t think I will EVER forget it 🙂 I guess we’ll see.

    I can’t imagine doing this project while living in it, and especially with the cats. That would have been a disaster!

    We found a few tips on trim if you want to read our blog, maybe somethings will help you.


  • Hi Karen, I’m doing my WHOLE motorhome, too! It sure is harder when I have cats and am living in it!

    I decided to not do my toilet room with the Allure because of the space and cutting issues. It’s just not worth it when I like the flooring that’s in there.

    Your idea of using the weather stripping for trim is BRILLIANT!!! I’m going to steal it. 🙂

    Great job so far, you will prevail!

  • New store prices are way out of my budget and, really, I hate that mass-produced crap. I’m looking in antique/second hand shops as well as on Craigslist.

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