Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens is probably the best known Victoria attraction. They were planted in the early 20th century in what used to be a limestone quarry. While this sounded ‘nice’, I knew it would not be my best use of nearly $30, so I was going to skip it, but Mrs. H insisted on taking me there.

We had a wonderful time and I greatly enjoyed myself, more than I would have had I gone on my own since Mrs. H was able to tell  the names of a lot of the flowers.

My favourite gardens were the Japanese and the Sunken and my least favourite was the Italian. I like Japanese gardens because they feel very natural for all their formality, with soft ground covers, ponds with bridges, and rocky paths. The Sunken Garden was a formidable feat of horticulture; transforming the lunar landscape of a limestone query into a Technicolour world straight out of a fantasy. I don’t like Italian gardens because they are too stiff and formal, very hard with stone underfoot and statues all around.

These are the best pictures I took:

Visiting Butchart Gardens was a pleasant way to wile away a few hours, but it still feels way overpriced to me, impressed as I was by the way the old quarry was completely transformed.

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  • It is overpriced, but my Grandmother, who visited them in the middle of winter felt they out-shined gardens of the Bahamas and Hawaii. Also, if you manage to go in the later day you can see the lights in the fountain (11 down on the right of your photos) – not sure if that is on special occasions, summer, or always.

  • I’m still not sure I’d recommend this place. 🙂

  • Thanks for all the pictures, I enjoyed the flashback. I agree with you, $30 is a bit much for a garden.

  • I didn’t know you’ve been to Victoria!

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