Boondocking Trial of the HP OfficeJet 8600 Inkjet Printer Series

The day has come where I had to print something. Eeeeeeesh. My batteries are sitting somewhere around 82% (the battery monitor will be useless until I can resynch it when the batteries next get a full charge). It’s cloudy outside and I’m barely bringing in anything from the solar panel.

With trepidation, I turned on the whole house inverter. No problem, voltage held steady and so did amperage use. That confirms that I got all the bad connections and that my battery is operating at optimum capacity.

I turned on the HP OfficeJet 8600 printer. No problem, voltage dropped a point only and amperage use went from 3A to a mere 4A. Hit print, all the numbers held steady. My job printed beautifully.

To me, this was a worst case scenario for using the printer and it performed better than I could have dreamed! It truly is a low energy printer! It did seem a little slower than it does on 120V power, but that could be my imagination.

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  • I really miss not having a printer! I have so little use for one that I thought I could do without but simple things like printing my room confirmation for Oaxaca and printing the directions to get to the room would sure be nice! Maybe I will have to take a drive to Home Depot or Walmart.

  • I NEVER used to need a printer. I would do up a PDF and transfer it to my iPod Touch or iPad. But one of my contracts requires tons of printing. I still use the tablets for the other stuff.

    Home Depot for a printer?

  • Sorry, Office Depot, another store that is all over Mexico.

  • That’s what I thought you meant. 🙂

  • Rae, we discovered that you are not the only Canadian Rae presently blogging from a beach encampment on a barrier island off Texas. The woman who writes this blog is also a Rae, but fromManitoba.

  • BoonDocks, that’s hilarious! She’s right near me, too.

  • “It did seem a little slower than it does on 120V power, but that could be my imagination.”

    I would say it is your imagination. The printer is still using 120V power, it is just being provided by you inverter rather than some mega generator somewhere way off out there on the grid somewhere.

  • I should have said shore power. 🙂

  • I am the other Rae with a blog hangin’ on the beach. But, I have no cats, I have a husband instead. We have solar power and have been in the RV since March, 2011 (still fairly new at this).
    We sold everything, and are livin’ the dream like you.
    We’re in Corpus Christi / North Beach of Padre Island Seashore and have been here a month already. We have spent the winter travelling through Texas and are simply loving it.
    Originally from Winnipeg but America in general is our new address.

  • Hi Rae! Too funny! It’s like you’re the me I could have been (I almost took a job with the Manitoba government and moved to Winnipeg in 2008). I can’t believe there’s two of us on the beach. We are going to confuse some people. 😀

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