Wow, it has been rainy and super windy all day. I just about flew to work this evening! I was going to have that wind and water in my face on the walk home, so I gratefully accepted a lift even though it felt really silly to do so.

Work was rather damp since, being damp upon arrival, I volunteered to go do the exterior jobs. When I came in, I pointedly commented that I much prefer to do the outside jobs than to vacuum or mop the floors and my comment did not fall on deaf ears. 🙂

I was soaked and frozen solid by the time I came in. It was definitely time for a hot drink, but I don’t drink coffee in the evenings and I’m not a fan of hot chocolate, which we also get free. Noticing a rack filled with a nice assortment of teas, I asked if those were free, too, and they are! So, I can have my hot evening beverage of choice, peppermint tea, at work. If I get bored, there are a ton of other flavours to savour, like lemon ginger and apple cinnamon. I remember having lemon ginger for the first time at Happy Camp and really enjoying it, so I might try that on my next evening shift.

The shift wasn’t bad, even though I had to clean the bathrooms. I don’t mind cleaning bathrooms per se; it’s just that I believe that I’ve cleaned enough toilets in my life to feel that I shouldn’t have to clean any more of them. Oh, I guess it’s one of the many small prices I pay for living the life of my dreams. 🙂

Well, I’m off to bed since I start at 10 tomorrow. I’d prefer to have more than twelve hours between shifts, but at least I’m not going in at six!

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  • I don’t drink caffienated coffee after noon, either. But tea also has caffeine in it, so please be aware of that.
    I just got a Danby also, but I built mine in. Nice machines, aren’t they?
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  • Hi Penny,

    Thanks for your comment!

    Herbal teas like peppermint and lemon-ginger don’t have caffeine, so they’re perfect later in the day! Peppermint is also fantastic for digestion. It’s my second favourite hot drink!

    Don’t know about the Danby seeing as mine isn’t installed yet. 🙁 Looking forward to doing so! I hope to build mine in, but it’ll depend on the drain not being too low from the sink.

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