Better Than Two Years Ago

We hit plus seven today!!!!! It was sunny earlier, but the fog is rolling back in. No matter, I feel revitalized!

We’re heading into a subzero week, but nothing worrisome so far, with nothing lower than minus five overnight, which is what we’ve been hitting most nights. To put that into perspective, the only heat I’ve had on for several days now is the one electric heater. I set the furnace thermostat to 15 at night and 20 during the day and it doesn’t kick on. Feels nice!

Two years ago at this time, we were just starting the bitter stretch that contributed to my decision to flee Oliver, not just the RV park I was working at. So far, this winter has been fine, even with that horrible stretch in November. We’ve had some snow, but it always melts. I’m not happy with the fog and bleakness, but I can deal.

Add together the reasonably satisfactory weather, an RV park I really enjoy, and a post office staffed by cheery clerks and I’m so far not regretting my return to the Okanagan. I feel so far away from the bleak nastiness of Oliver that I could be three hours away instead of just thirty minutes away.

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  • I moved to a small town one summer, and started teaching music at the local school. In early winter, one day it was pea soup foggy and didn’t clear until about 1:30pm. I asked a student how long does the fog normally stay, thinking that it had stuck around for a long time.

    His reply: Just for the winter.

    He was correct, but I did become use to it.

  • See, it was like this all of last winter. So, pretty much October through to the beginning of May. Then we had a very wet, overcast summer. So, pretty much May through September, still no sun. October wasn’t too bad, but the sun left at the beginning of November. Without exaggeration, I would say I saw no more than 30 days of sun in the last year. It’s no wonder I’m feeling worn down.

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