Best Comment Ever About Class Cs with Overcab Bunks

Talking with my Franco-Ontarian neighbours yesterday, we somehow got on the subject of the layout of our rigs.

I told them that I could not live in a class A like theirs because they are too open for me and therefore feel very small. Some class Cs, like mine, are much more like an apartment with several rooms, so I can have an office and then use the overcab bunk to sleep.

The gal replied, “Oh, you sleep up there!”

And her husband wistfully replied, without a hint of sarcasm, “Man, I wish my RV had two stories.”


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  • That is pretty funny, and when you think about it, it’s a fair assessment.

  • It was wonderful to have the owner of a big class A appreciate a class C. 🙂

  • New show for PBS… Upstairs/Downstairs for Rvers.. ha!

  • We, too sleep over the cab in our 24 foot class C.

    The second storey so to speak, the best bed in all the RVs we have owned.

    We want the shortest rig with lots of room, one that’s really easy to drive for us old codgers.

    You are having a great Winter meeting lots of interesting folks. We retirees have lots of time to stop and chat.

  • I love my cozy nest. 🙂

    My stay on the beach has surprised me. I thought I was going to be so lonely, but would have time for self-contemplation. Ha. I can’t remember the last time my social calendar was so full!

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