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Au Pied de la Chute Restaurant, Richelieu

Today, my uncle treated my grand-mother and us to lunch at the charming Au pied de la chute restaurant in Richelieu. It is so named ‘at the foot of the falls’ because it is on the banks of the Richelieu River right across from the dam. It’s a fine dining establishment that favours local products (produits du terroir).

We ate out on the terrace, so I did not see the interior, which must have been charming since the restaurant is set in a traditional Quebec home made of field stone.

Au pied de la chute

The very affordable lunch menu includes soup or salad with your meal, bread, and a hot beverage. The potage (smooth vegetable soup without cream) was apparently very good, but I opted for a lovely salad with a dressing that apparently smelled Japanese.

For the main course, my mother opted for the deer and Brie burger with frites while the rest of us all went for the lightly breaded perch with rice and roasted vegetables. Very, very delicious! There wasn’t that much on the lunch menu that had inspired me (the rest was red meat or mussels with curry or a pasta dish with artichokes and sun dried tomatoes that sounded good), but I don’t need much choice when something stands out so obviously! I especially liked the leek confit served over the fish.

We all had the German chocolate cake for dessert, a sliver of goodness served with some fruit pieces ($2!). The coffee was delicious.

Needless to say, I was very impressed with Au pied de la chute!

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  • *drool* Just went to their website. That’s some mighty fine lookin’ eats.
    And desert for two bucks? That’s crazy. Like *crazy good* crazy. The breaded perch does look good, but I think I might have gone for the filet.

  • The lunch prices are insane! If you got the most expensive thing on it, the filet mignon at $16, skipped the wine, and gave a 20% tip, you’d have an entrée, full meal, dessert, and coffee for $21.60! I’m getting smarter in my older age and going out for lunch deals more and more rather than spending beaucoup bucks on dinner.

  • “I’m getting smarter in my older age ”

    HA!, “older age” Oh Boy, now I have heard everything! 🙂

    Rae, you are having too much fun.

    Please coninue the festivities and enjoy the summer. I get a real kick out of checking in and seeing all the good news!

    Take care, Gary

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