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Attending the 5th Annual Willow Bunch farmfest

This afternoon L and I joined up with C&C, Laura, and two ladies I met on the wagon train to attend the 5th Annual Willow Bunch farmfest, an outdoor concert put on by the musical Campagne family. Of all the acts, I best recognized Carmen, a popular French-Canadian children’s folk singer.

The event was so much fun! The music, a good mix of anglo and franco tunes, was excellent. I enjoyed listening to all the French chatter around us. L loves going to music festivals and had a blast.

For dinner, there was the option to buy ginormous grilled bison burgers with sides of coleslaw and wild rice salad. Charles had me try his burger and to my immense surprise, it was nothing like beef, which is gummy, rolls around in your mouth, and leaves a lingering taste. I decided to have one of my own!

For someone who doesn’t like red meat and who has had perhaps five portions of it total in the last fifteen to 20 years, eating that entire bison burger was quite a feat! It actually went down very well as the meat is very dry and crumbly and actually doesn’t have that much flavour. It is just very hearty. Dressed with tomato, onion, cheese, mustard, and relish, it felt more substantial than an equivalent-sized chicken burger. It wasn’t quite ‘yummy’ as I would have put some onion and garlic in the meat itself, but I really enjoyed it and had no trouble eating the whole thing. I’ll be danged! The venison on the wagon train went down well and now so has bison. Maybe I’m more of a game than domesticated meat person….

The only thing that spoiled an otherwise enjoyable evening was the weather. It was COLD, which is NOT normal for this time of year. Those of you who have read my blog for a while might notice that whenever I land somewhere, they have weather that is NOT normal. I may be cursed. 😀

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  • Glad you had a good time. We are having very cooler weather here in Nashville, about now, you are trapped in your home from 100 degree heat at 10 am, it had been in the 80’s for weeks. Blesses relief from last year’s yard cracking heat wave.

    Went with some friends to an Irish bar last night. Heard some great music, there were some Irish step dancers.. that had my jaw in my lap!
    They have got some high kicks!

  • I had no idea there was a French community in your area. I love being able to recapture the language of my youth when I can. When we get French RVers in Mexico I am on them like a dirty shirt. Amazing how many words you forget but then like riding a bike it does come back to you.

  • Contessa, Willow Bunch being a French community played a big part in my buying the property. Most folks here don’t use French when they’re out and about, but use it at home. I can’t get the postmaster to serve me in French despite her accent and having the same last name as my maternal grand-mother!

    The welcome sign for my hamlet is in French.

  • Gina it sucks that the weather was weird all winter and still won’t let up.

    Irish step dancers are awesome!

  • So do they teach French in the schools?

  • The kids go to school in Assinboia and have the option of taking French immersion.

  • You might want to try pastured beef some day. The flavor is different when the cows are not fed corn.

    We’ve seen Irish dancers, made me tired just watching them. I found it interesting they hold their hands down at their sides; I guess they get their heartbeats up enough without lifting their arms up.

  • […] had mentioned that he usually has a bison steak when he goes there, so having enjoyed a bison burger recently, I asked if I could have a bison steak tonight instead of a beef steak. Yes, for an extra $3. I had […]

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