Appendages Crossed

The correct solenoid is in.

While pulling out the old one this morning, the guys wondered if there might have been a problem with the grounding. Lo and behold, the continuous duty solenoid had an extra connection for ground. Hmm…

We installed the starter solenoid at the same time of day in the same type of conditions. When I started the engine, I saw zip on any of my voltmetres. With the continuous duty solenoid, the voltage increased by 0.02. Curious.

I am going to try to stay up later tonight to keep an eye on my battery monitor for a bit and see if the mysterious draw comes up again.

The Walmart run let me replenish my stock of beer, so we had a few cold ones after the installation. I’d bought Lonestar, ‘The National Beer of Texas’, which is tastier and cheaper than Budweiser and the perfect thing to soothe a throat parched by an unrelenting white hot winter Texan sun.

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  • Ice cold Lone Star Beer and country music tells you that you are really in Texas! I had a Lone Star beer in El Paso’s Rosa’s Cantina of Marty Robbin’s fame. I even checked outside the back door where I expected horses to be tied but no luck, only pickup trucks.

  • Ice cold Lone Star, country music, and pick up trucks!

  • Sounds like a song in the making! Willie Nelson, are you listening?

  • LOL I wish I had a musical bone in my body!

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