Another Windy Day

Caroline and her husband left well into the evening last night. I couldn’t imagine driving off like that in the dark, but they were heading home and figured that the supposedly crazy Austin Sunday night traffic would have died down by the time they arrived. Caroline was nice enough to send me a message when she got in letting me know they were safe and sound. Thanks!

It was another gorgeous day on the beach, albeit very windy. I am growing rather tired of this wind. 🙁 I’m crazy busy with projects, including wanting to get my ebook out before I leave the beach, so it’s kind of good that my social life is petering out a little. I did go out for a walk before dinner and met a nice gal only 10 years older than me. Unfortunately, she and her husband are pulling out tomorrow. 🙁

There’s really nothing to report, but Croft just sent me a message on Facebook wondering if my computer had crapped out or, as he put it, if the polish had fallen off the Apple! My computer is running great. So anyway, here’s a proof of life for him. 🙂 Oh, and I wish I had succeeded in taking pictures of the pelicans dive bombing the fish. Too funny. Who needs a TV?

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  • I am so tired of the wind, too. I guess 70 to 80F and windy is beter than the snow they still have north of here. I’m starting to get itchy feet to go inland.

  • I can’t say I’m itching to go yet, but the Alamo is slowly whispering my name…

  • Glad you posted this, I was wondering if you had typed your fingers to the bone and were taking a much needed rest.

  • Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I wish. This pace should keep up for most of the week! My fingers are soooooooooo sore.

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