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Another Way of Finding a Motorhome Propane Refill Location

I thought I had found a place to fill the on board propane tank tomorrow, but they weren’t sure I’d be able to get in there with my rig without having to unhook. Then, I had a flash of genius.

I went to Google and did a search for “Emporia VA rv park propane” as I knew the Suffolk RV parks would not be on my route, but just about anywhere in Emporia would be. If I hadn’t had a hit with them, I would have tried another city.

Anyway, I found an RV park that has propane. I called to confirm that they sell propane to anyone, that they would be open on a Sunday afternoon, and that their pumps would allow me to pull through. Yes, yes, and yes. Done. Propane found.

And that’s how I found propane in the spring, too!

Finding propane can be a real pain, but I would not be without it. I can’t imagine relying on just electricity for everything. As long as I have propane I can cook and heat up water. Add a smidgen of electricity, and I can run my fridge and heat my home economically. To me, propane is magic.

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  • Many/most KOA’s sell propane. I do not like staying in KOA but they usually have propane and will sell to non customers. They also usually sell sewer hoses and supplies as well as other supplies. The price is slightly higher but in case of emergency…

  • I buy RV supplies at Walmart! I sleep there anyway and they have the same crap, er, products as RV shops for less money!

  • We’ve also found that any of the bigger RV dealers also sell propane to refill on- board tanks. Some even have dump stations.
    Good luck with the start of the winter adventure. I’m looking forward to your reports and photos. Be safe out there. Lynn, Kingston NY

  • In Texas you can get propane at Walgreens, Academy Sporting Goods, Lowes, CVS, and Home Depot. Many gas stations – especially the chains – carry refills.

    I have an Open Range, which uses four 20-pound (BBQ size) rather than the larger 30 pound RV tanks. Because of this, we can simply switch at any place that has BBQ tank swap-outs.

    You can even do Home Depot after hours.


  • Thanks, Marianne!

    I got the 30lb tank to supplement my on board one and went with 30lbs just so I wouldn’t have to go out and refill so often. But I’m starting to think it would have been easier to go with a 20lb one!

  • I just use google maps and “propane near location”.

  • That produces too many useless results, Blar. I’m looking very specifically for motorhome refill places, which are quite rare.

  • You might use allstays.com click on the state the on Maps- Towns with camping near by the Map Filter on Propane. This will show you RV Parks that have propane which should give you easy access to refill your on-board tank as well as your spare.

  • That’s a great tip, thank you!

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