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Another Down Day

Today is going to be another down day, what with having to run around to return the rental car and pick up the truck at some point, plus the weather is still crappy. Tomorrow isn’t looking much better, but there’s less of a chance of rain.

One thing I have done this morning that will be of particular interest to some readers is that I booked a swamp tour for tomorrow!

Swamp tours are a very popular NOLA-area attraction. I did my research about them to make sure I was getting the best bang for my buck. Instead of selecting the tour a mere 10 minutes or so from the State Park, I chose the one an hour away. I will talk more about the selection process tomorrow, when I report in.

New Orleans continues to be surprisingly affordable. If you drive yourself to the swamp tour headquarters, the tour is just $23, and the tour + hotel pickup is $45. I doubt it will cost me $22 in fuel and tolls to get to the location, plus I’d have to pay for parking wherever I drop the truck, so it made more sense to drive myself. It’ll also give me a chance to take the truck out and make sure everything is good with it.

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  • Gad years ago, we stayed in the beach area, before Katrina, and went on a swamp tour for alligators. It was the tour ladie’s uncle or cousin. He was drunk off his rocker! And only spoke Cajun, so you couldn’t understand him.
    But we went anyway…and we didn’t see one alligator! It was a lil fishing boat, just the three of us.
    We got back to his trailer, and for a 12 pack, he took us to a huge drainage canal, with a whopper of an alligator that he fed chicken parts to. Then he sold us his Zydeco cd (completely incomprehensible) I would later use it to tortue my teenage cousins. And we went back to our cabin by the beach. But not before gettin a drive through Daiquri, oh, Good Times!

  • *wiping away tears* Gina, that’s hilarious!

    I hope I see gators tomorrow, but this being January I’m not holding my breath.

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