And a bitter Yukon wind begins to blow…

Minus ten today with windchill. That’s 14 in American degrees. Snowing. My work day is being postponed to tomorrow when we’re supposed to go to plus eight. Works for me, to be sitting here all cozy and snug in my rig!  The owner said to stay as long as I like, count the hours of work that I do, and that the former will be subtracted from the latter to determine if I owe or am owed anything when I pull out. Sounds good to me! If I have to hunker down somewhere because of weather, it’s nice to do it somewhere that my expenses are low!

Other than driving through Watson Lake I haven’t really seen any of it, so I do intend to go into town before I leave and check out what’s what. Since tomorrow is supposed to be nice, I’ll start work early (I was told what’s expected of me so I can just start whenever I want), put in a good morning’s worth of work, and then take the rest of the day to go explore in the toad. I’m also going to see how much fresh vegetables cost north of 60….

Life in the Yukon (all 48 or so hours of it so far, LOL) has been quite the adventure! Yesterday, I even ate beef (soup) and pork (ham sandwich) voluntarily for the first time in fifteen years! That unexpected snack was courtesy of the park and sure tasted good and was appreciated after two hours hard labouring. 🙂

In other news, this is my first post from the desktop computer since I left and only the second time I’ve fired up the old iMac! Loving the new laptop!

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  • I really enjoy your posts. Just wanted to keep providing feedback and compliments 🙂

  • Much appreciated, thank you! 🙂

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