An RV Show in Lethbridge

Jody and I went to a small RV show this evening. Neither one of us was impressed by the offerings. We’ve concluded that we need to get into the RV design business!

Here are some shots of things that caught my eye:

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  • Whenever you two gals bomb down here, add me to the design team!! LOL

  • Aren’t you supposed to be in bed?! 😀

    Jody and I were appalled by the toy haulers and marveled that yours is so nice.

  • The blurry faucet looks like anal beads. And I LOVE the cream cabinetry.

    Why was that one kitchen one of the worst you’d seen?

  • When we design RVs we won’t put the microwave high enough to be dangerous for short cooks!

  • I love the designs of the RV’s, every year they seem to come out with more amenities. l recently was at the Toronto RV show, and enjoy touring the rigs.

    One thing l noticed is that most these Rigs with slidouts are becoming disfunctional when their slid outs are in. So if you pull over during your travels in a parking lot, or a rest stop, you can’t use your kitchen, or your bed is to hard to access.

    Most rest stops don’t let you put out your slides. They don’t want you camping there, and by putting out your slides, it looks like you are camping.

    I’ve even seen walk ways to the bathroom blocked by the slidouts. Crazy. Can’t tell you how many times l have used my bathroom while travelling when no gas station bathroom was in sight.

    Well, there are my two cents. 🙂

  • Our was the first and only toyhauler I’ve seen where the kitchen wasn’t in the living room. Ours is awesome! … which is probably why they discontinued it…….. LOL

  • I always think I have better ideas re the layout of RVs and wonder if the people designing them have ever stayed/lived in an RV.

    Have just finished making the reservations for our 6 week winter holiday in Florida to catch some warm sun, in our 24 ft with one slide Class C RV.

    We sleep above the cab in a humugus bunk. The kitchen is at the back out of the way. The only wish I have is for a generator (we do have one but not an installed/onboard one). I would love to be able to warm up a muffin or make a piece of toast or warm up food on the move.

    Instead of having a booth to eat in we have two arm chairs with a removable table between and with the chesterfield in the slide we have a large living area we really enjoy especially on a rainy day. Rather not have any rainy days!

  • Bast, re worst kitchen: It’s never good when you look at a kitchen and say “Where’s the stove… oh, it’s way over there in the corner!” 🙂

    Linda, re microwaves: LOL

    Tammy, re slideouts: One of the first things I notice is whether or not an RV is liveable with the slide in or not.

    Donna, re your rig: Yes, it is awesome! 🙂

    Norma, re whether designers have lived in their rigs: Probably not!

    Norma, re heating food on the go: I make toast on my propane stove. 😉

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