An Offer I Hated Refusing

Last night, L, Caroline, her husband, and I headed back out to the Indianola Fishing Marina for burgers and a little live music. We had prepared to freeze, but the marina is well sheltered, so we were comfortable and hung out for over two hours.

The marina has a new cook who completely messed up everyone’s orders. L had ordered well before the rest of us and had to remind the kitchen that he’d ordered something. My chicken ranch bacon burger with lettuce and tomato was lacking bacon and tomato and when the manager got wind of this, she offered me a free appetizer. So I got to assuage my curiosity as to what ‘crab poppers’ are (spicy hot and delicious!).

I’m glad we had a chance to hang out since Caroline and her hubby are thinking of leaving today and L is leaving shortly. But we will all see each other again soon as the path through Saskatchewan is straight through their respective cities.

When we got in, Caroline’s hubby asked if I wanted to plug into their generator. We had done that the night before and also a few days ago. The night before, I only needed about 10A to fill the bank, but the computer was discharged, so I was thankful to plug in for a  few amps so that I could start with a nearly full battery in the morning and a full charged computer.

But last night, I had to refuse the offer! I came in to 12.8V, which is FULL, and my computer also had a full charge. There was really no point even though I ended up running the furnace and electric blanket for a bit.

I woke up to 12.59V (99.5% according to the battery monitor) and COLD again, so I’m running the furnace this morning since I have tons of propane. Yesterday, I ran the furnace mid-afternoon for about a half hour, which I’m pretty sure is the only time I ran the furnace during the day this winter. That said, I did run an electric heater almost full-time in Hampton Roads.

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  • Wasn’t it nice to be able to say, “No thanks, I don’t need it.”

  • Yes, thank you SUN! 🙂

    I still need another solar panel. And a money tree would be nice!

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