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An Evening at Gertie’s

Last night, I met at Diamond Tooth Gertie’s the cyclists I picked up on Friday.

We ended up staying for all three shows, at 8:30, 10:30, and midnight. We were there four and a half hours! I wish I had known that it’s okay to take pictures of the shows.

The 8:30 wound up being my favourite. It’s the most ‘cancan-y’ of the three, with lots of swirling petticoats and leg kicks. The 10:30 wasn’t bad, but it was more song than dance. The midnight show was disappointing. I’d been told it was the most flamboyant and naughty show, but I found it less flamboyant and naughty than the 10:30.

What amused me the most about the evening was how many people came into Gertie’s and gravitated to my table. I didn’t realise how many folks I’m friendly with! Even Mark and Victor, the guides from the Chilkoot, walked in at one point, fresh off the Yukon River from guiding a canoe trip! Talk about an authentic gold rush experience; discussing our slog over the Chilkoot at Diamond Tooth Gerties!

I hadn’t had a night out in too long, so a couple of pints, some pizza, entertainment, and conversation were just what I needed. The best part is that thanks to my season pass, the evening only cost me twenty dollars. Of course, it helps that I didn’t gamble!

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  • Lebanese fellafel is what we can get in Otterwah and it will serve, but . . . kein ayin hara . . . some day somehow (maybe if we are both in Trawna) I’ll get up Israeli fellafel – the real stuff.

  • I think it has to do with what you knew first. I doubt that anything will beat the Lebanese kind for me. 🙂

    I’m tentatively planning to go back east next spring (Marchish) and will be doing Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal when I do. So, pencil me in for Israeli falafel around that time. 🙂

    (Miss you soooooo much!!!)

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