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Am I Glad This Week is Over!

Next week won’t be any less trying than this one has been, but at least I’ve got two days to recuperate before the next battle!

I promise to share this whole story in the spring, once it has reached some sort of conclusion. I am learning a lot about being a leader, maintaining respect while being disliked, and living with yourself when you have to make impossible decisions.

In happier news, I had another appointment with my doctor this week and he’s fairly certain he has nailed down what has been ailing me! It wasn’t easy getting him to listen to me (I’m now firmly convinced that all but three Canadian doctors have no business being in medicine since they don’t actually want to practice medicine), but he finally came to a conclusion that makes sense. If he’s right, that I am simply suffering from sleep apnea, I will rejoice! I’m waiting for the sleep clinic to call me to get the ball rolling on getting a firm diagnosis and treatment plan. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get this wrapped up by April because I’m ready to get out of here. The road’s siren call is very loud these days. 🙂

I am shocked by just how homesick and tired of this apartment I am. Living in a single room that isn’t my home is getting more and more intolerable. I am fed up with the loud refrigerator, hearing people come up the stairs, knowing that people in the hallway know what I’m listening to, and having to traipse up three flights of stairs with my groceries. All that said, I’m impressed that I’ve lasted this long before cracking. 😀

The weather is supposed to be warm on Sunday, so I aim to spend the afternoon puttering in Miranda and using my new jigsaw! There’s a home store literally across the street, so I just may find the motivation to knock a few items off my to-do list.

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  • Do you feel exhausted all the time even though you have spent plenty of time in bed “sleeping”? My 40 year son finally found out he had sleep apnea about a year ago. He is in great physical shape, runs, bikes, participates in triathlons, etc but said he always felt tired although he went to bed very early. He is on his second breathing machine. The first one helped a lot but not completely so they finally discovered that he needed air pressure going in and also going out. So he sleeps a lot better now. I really think my husband has it as well because he says he never sleeps and is always tired but I think he sleeps more than he knows–just not good quality sleep. If you need a breathing machine, you will need to make sure your solar will handle it if you don’t have power. You just have to get used to wearing the mask. Son had to try out several different ones of those too until he got one that worked best for him.

  • That’s exactly how I feel, that sleep is a waste of time even though I badly need it. Everything else that ails me could result for long-term sleep deprivation. If I do get to the point of needing a CPAP machine, I know there are lots of solutions for boondocking with one, including getting a machine with its own power source. But I’m not going to get ahead of myself. 🙂

  • When /If you get a machine (I also have it and am on the mask) get one that has a 12 volt source. My Resperonics has a 120 to 12 converter and I also bought a 12 volt lighter cord. Then I put a 12 volt outlet by the bed in the trailer. MUCH cheaper amp hour wise to run on straight batteries on the road or boondocking. Also, while in the apartment, consider a computer UPS box. When the power goes out in a storm, as happened to us last month, you wake being strangled by a space alien plopped on your face. I had put it off but went out the next day and got one. Also, the battery will give you some ride through for blinks in the power, and I would rather wake to beeping than suffocating.

    Good place to go for support and a lot of other info – http://www.cpaptalk.com/CPAP-Sleep-Apnea-Forum.html?sid=54f8cce834fa4d7cc5e236017a704b28

    There is CPAP, BIPAP, APAP, and a couple of others.

  • Bill, thanks for all this info. It’s still very early for me to be thinking about any of this, but I am glad to have this comment as a reference should it be determined that I do need a sleep aid machine.

  • I was diagnosed the end of Nov 2010. Machine and mask, 15 minutes of minimal instruction and there you go.

    That’s why I found the support group for all those questions….. Got a lot more from them. Cpap.com I got good prices. Thier hose ‘snuggie’ is nice, (soft cover over the hose) 12 volt supply came from there, lot more stuff.

    Just trying to pass on some of the things that I have found and to”give you a heads up”.

    Best of luck with everything.


  • Much appreciated, Bill! Just waiting for the sleep clinic to call…

  • […] that I would have my health issues resolved by April, the phone rang this morning and it was the sleep clinic! They wanted to see me this afternoon! Needless to say, I shut down early; I didn’t want to […]

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