All the Gruesome Details

Warning, this post contains GROSS photos below the video. Proceed at your own risk!

I was not able to get video of the damage, but I do have pictures. Again, these are GROSS.










So as you can see, the pipe that goes straight down into the tank as well as the top of the tank are all melted away. The tank is not patchable or usable.

Now, even if I found an RV shop that had the right tank in stock (not likely; research tells me this is a order it and get it in a couple of weeks type of product as there are too many to keep a selection in stock), it’s one more expense that I am going to struggle to cover cover. And that’s the subject of my next post.

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  • Rae, is it possible that your comprehensive insurance would cover the damage to your rig from the blow out?

  • Cindy, my deductible is higher than the projected cost of this repair.

  • Well, I gotta say I flew through those pictures. It is a little early in the morning. Even with the rush I could see the damage is serious!

    If you weren’t 1000s of miles away from here maybe the local RV place here (we just had work done there Friday and actually purchased our motorhome there) would fix you up for having their place mentioned in your blog.

    Hopefully something like that will come along for you. We didn’t realize you are so far from Canada.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Your deductible may be more than the cost of a new tank but I doubt that it is more than what the cost will be to remove the damaged one and replace it. But then again you may have a VERY high deductible.

  • Ed, I have a $1,000 deductible.

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