All Over the Lower Mainland

Today, I had to go into Surrey to pick up an order of CDs of Full-Time RVing in Canada. I have to do a shout out to Precision Disc. Their quote was several hundred dollars less than the competition and they were the only ones who could squeeze my order into their standard time frame rather than putting it through as a rush. They also printed some posters for me with no notice whatsoever. And their site is so comprehensive that the order process was painless. Great folks all around and really took a load off my mind.

I then had a bunch of stuff to get at Staples, so being in the Willowbrook area, which is very commercial, I figured that would be easy. Well, that Staples is on my black list. I’ve noticed that about one third of Staples are like this one, where the staff literally runs away when you try to get their attention. I was exhausted by this point and had no patience left to deal with idiots, so I left and drove to the one in Delta. It was a big detour but worth it since that store gave me a quantity discount on my CD sleeves.

I got in around five and started to put together my show materials, then remembered that the laptop is dead from several hours of graphic designing this morning. So, I packed up again and schlepped over to the nearest Starbucks, which is where I am now. I’m going to stretch my drink out as long as I can, but I know I won’t have a full charge tonight. That’s okay, I have 500 CDs to insert into sleeves!

The house batteries are doing great! I’m still at 12.5 volts, which is pretty much a full charge. It helps that we had full sun today, so I probably got back a couple of amp hours. I really should do some math on that solar panel and see what it really gives me. 😀

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