A Threat Made Reality


It’s minus two here in Dawson Creek and supposed to snow through to Thursday, but it is supposed to be warmer tomorrow. The forecast in Fort St John is slightly better, but none of the RV parks are open. I’ve therefore decided to stay one more night in Dawson Creek, overnight in Fort St John tomorrow, and then take advantage of the two days of clear weather we’re supposed to get to find someplace cheap to hunker down for a bit if needed.

The Alaska Highway Adventure has begun.

(I still need to go out at some point today; I’m out of coffee!)

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  • Strange that so many people like to get away from snow yet you are driving toward it 🙂 I can definitely see the charm of the Great North, though.

  • I once had the choice between going camping (in a tent) in February in northern Quebec for a week or spending that same week at Disney World. Guess what I picked. 😀

    Seriously, though, we’re entering summer and it’s going to get summery very quickly. I’m shocked by this snow because I went biking in short sleeves yesterday!!!

  • That’s okay, I head to Alberta at the start of next week, and it isn’t convincingly spring yet there either 🙂

  • But, Donna, I was riding a bike in a short skirt, sleeveless top, and sandals yesterday!!!!! And I hadn’t turned the heat on in WEEKS. And I haven’t had to wear a heavier top than a light sweater since I can remember! It’s like I got picked up by a tornado overnight!

  • …and there went kansas, Toto 🙂

    We have been waffly here, I have had a few shorts days, several light shirt days, and quite a despicably noticeable amount of sweater and wind shell days.

    Like you said though (when I hinted at the north weather), it is only a tote in the basement away. Amazing how quickly spring can vanish tough!!

  • BTW, how are your waterlines?

  • I didn’t have to pull out heavy winter gear yesterday; I was fine with what I had inside–wool socks inside the duck shoes, my Chilkoot shell over a sweater, light gloves. It wasn’t THAT cold, LOL!

    As for water lines, a non-issue yesterday. While I debated whether or not to leave, I filled up my fresh water tank and had two people come by with offers of heaters to thaw me out. Both were surprised that all was good at my end. ???

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