A Tale of a Giant Gorilla, a Snowed-in Town, a Mountain Pass, a Vanished Community, a Giant Truck, a Waterfall, and a Dam (it was a full day)

Jody and I went on another long road trip today. We didn’t make it out of the solar system this time, but we did leave the province!

She was happy to drive again so I just sat and ogled the scenery.  Since I’m a movie buff she thought our first stop, Cardston, would be of interest, which it was. This town is the birth place of Fay Wray, most famous for the iconic scene of her trapped in King Kong’s fist while he’s climbing the Empire State building! The town isn’t much, but there is a little fountain and sign in her homage.

We then pushed on to Waterton Lakes national park, which is pretty much shut down for the winter. There’s not much to do or see except for TONS of snow, but there’s also no access fee. We drove around the few streets of this winter ghost town that were plowed and also drove up to see the Prince of Wales Hotel.

Next, she took me through the Crowsnest Pass! This is one of those iconic Canadian sites that you just need to go through at least once. We stopped at the site of the Frank slide, which happened in 1903, and buried the community. The area is still unstable.

We continued into BC so she could show me the world’s largest truck in Sparwood. It’s big!

Heading home, we detoured to visit the Lundbreck Falls and the Oldman River dam.

We got back to Lethbridge pretty late and were grateful that Gary had barbecued dinner for us. That mountain air sure whetted our appetites!

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  • Sounds like it was a good day! Oh how I dream of going on a road trip! Since I got home in the end of September I’ve been dreaming of the next time I’ll be able to just get out on that road and let it take me somewhere!

    I love your landscape pictures and the Lundbreck falls! That truck is huge! Where to next?

  • I believe that TEREX Titan, is currently about the third largest truck in the world. The Caterpiller 797 is larger and the Liebherr T282 is larger still (able to carry a payload of 400 tons, giving a gross weight of 653 tons).

    Still an impressive peice of machinary though.

    I currently drive 118 ton machines for a living, but I would love to have ago in one of those trucks some day.

  • Just imagine the size of the RV you could tow with that!

    You sure are getting to see the country.

  • Croft: a) LOL b) Isn’t Jody awesome?

  • Nomad, I was just going by the sign, but, yeah, I should have researched that claim. 😉

  • You should come on a road trip to Lethbridge! 😀

    Where to next is northwest of Lethbridge towards Calgary or northeast towards Drumheller!

  • The falls are beautiful.

  • Back when I was 16 or 17 a couple of us adventurous guys drove up to an active mining site in the Fraser Valley on a Sunday. We found the mine and a couple of HUGE trucks. As luck would have it, the keys were in one of them! Well, what was a young, testosterone filled boy to do? The truck was much smaller than the ones you are talking about here but I did get to drive one of them!

  • Your captions gave me some good laughs today. Thanks.

  • Glad you are having fun adventures and enjoying life! Thanks for sharing them with us. I look forward to reading your blog every day. But to see that snow in the photos when it was (unseasonably) 82 degrees F here today in southeast Michigan is a bit strange somehow.

  • The funny thing about the snow is that, wind notwithstanding, it was actually pretty warm!

  • Really, Linda? The only one that I think is funny is the one about the problem boyfriend, but that’s not even my quote!

  • Croft, you’re a criminal! I’m shocked! 😀

  • Aren’t they? I’m so glad I had a local guide who knew to take me to them!

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