A Strangely Coloured Sky

We have sun today. YES!!!

I’m definitely staying in San Antonio a couple extra days since some unexpected projects came up. So now, my ETA in Dallas is Sunday afternoon.

I’m heading out to play tourist this afternoon, so check back for an hopefully interesting post later this afternoon.

Croft and Norma are driving through San Antonio tomorrow and have expressed interest in meeting up. Will we manage this or will they end up zipping past I-35 as I sit by it in a lawn chair to wave as they pass by? Stay tuned!

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  • We will stay at your park for the night! It is our 44th Anniversary so free up you calendar for dinner out with us!

  • Yay, the stars align! 😀

    Happy anniversary! 44 years! Wow!

  • Yes, you were not even a twinkle in your parents eyes then!

  • I’m just about exactly 10 years younger than your marriage!

  • Sounds like a plan re meeting up with Croft and Norma.

    We are here vegging on the Gulf of Mexico , in Marathon, Florida Keys, temp 31 C. We have been having a wonderful holiday, not due back to the Great White North til mid April.

  • Norma, we stayed in Marathon for a week in 2010. Great spot and great seafood around there!

  • Croft, we come here every year (to h…..with the expense) for a few days.
    We stay at a private campground, we have enjoyed our stay very Much and it will be hard to “tear ourselves away” tomorrow.

  • We could not find an RV space anywhere on the Keys so we left the motorhome with friends in Lakeland and drove the car to Marathon where we found a “cheap” motel for $99 per night. The cheapest rooms in Key West were $300 +.

  • You are allowed Passport America for five nights, half price $38.00. Then April 1st it was $52.00 a night. Most RVs have left the park. The season is over.

  • Norma and Croft (not Croft’s Norma!), the Keys sound lovely, but too expensive for me!

  • I do not recall seeing any boondocking opportunities on the Keys and RV park prices are pushing the $100 per night rates. I doubt if I will be going back either although Key West is worth a visit even if you have to splurge for a night or two in a hotel.

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