A Smoother Ride

WOAH! I thought the truck was running smidgen roughly on my trip to the Gulf Coast, but I attributed that to my not having driven the truck in a few days and needing to get reaccustomed to it as the drive did get a little smoother as the day progressed and everything was fine on the highways.

What was happening is that when I was doing a manoeuvre at low speed, I was getting the sound the transmission makes when you’re trying to move at low speed in too high a gear, a sound I’m very accustomed to from nearly 10 years of driving manual transmission vehicles. I wasn’t worried and kept reminding myself that the truck needs to be run in lower gear that what I was used to in my Accent.

Now that the throttle cable has been replaced and the assembly cleaned, I didn’t get that sound once on the drive back home from the Ford dealership. I seriously doubt my driving skills have improved that much in a few days. 🙂

The total bill with tax was $341 and change. This included a ‘complimentary’ 27-point inspection that made the ‘dealership premium’ worthwhile since it included a thorough exam of my brakes! They do need work, but it’s not urgent and I can save up, so this was not bad news in the least. In fact, I was planning to have the brakes examined and possibly serviced in Texas, and it’s nice to know for sure that the work will need to be done.

The car return happened without incident. I went in ready to argue that I had the car for four days, not five the way the guy I spoke to yesterday calculated. But the guy at the counter came to the same number I did, so I didn’t have to raise a fuss. And someone was available immediately to drive me to the Ford dealership.

I stopped at the post office on the way home, but my package has not arrived yet. I’ll try again early-ish on Thursday so I’ll know whether I have to move to a new spot or if I can roll out of town.

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  • Rae- glad this has been resolved. I’ll still advocate for Ford platforms (passenger vehicles and RV’s) – there are service centres accross North America and afFORDable parts are readily available ( no, I’ve never worked for Ford nor own their stock). I did own a Ranger and was completely happy with it.

    BLUF ( bottom line up front), no matter what vehicle you own, they will all require oil changes, brakes, tires, etc. Anyway, , enjoy your journey!!!!

  • Mike, I have to again say that I don’t mind putting a little money into my truck. That’s expected. The fuss is that I didn’t put enough aside for maintenance and learned this the hard way at a bad time. So it’s at me that I’m upset, not Moya for needing some work. 🙂

    My opinion of Ford has changed drastically now that I own two of them! Service has been top notch, parts are available, and costs seem reasonable.

  • I have a 2001 Ford F-150 Super Crew and parts for it seem high. $40 some dollars for the plastic light switch that broke seemed very high. $300 to fix the shift lever when it went to far to the left. Also the soldering in the digital display board doesn’t have enough solder at one point and routinely won’t show mileage but comes back on if you hit a bump just right. Major bill to fit. All known problems, but it is paid for and has less than 70,000 miles.

  • Caroline, I don’t mind paying the premium for genuine Ford parts for things that make the truck go. Otherwise, I’m willing to do a little shopping and get generic parts for less, such as with my tailgate handle.

  • Rae, I have no doubt you get the best bang for your buck. I need to be more aware of what the dealer is better at and where money can be saved. I tend to get information overload and just want the problem to go away. I must get better.

  • Caroline, I get that! I think that what helps me deal with information overload is my tight budget. It’s so easy to throw money at a problem when you’ve got it. I mean, I’m the gal who bought a new car instead of spending $2K on a repair. 😀

    I don’t always get the best bang for my buck, though. I will often choose the most convenient solution I can afford or the one where the people are the kindest and most helpful. I also look at value rather than just price. I refuse to pay for a name just to pay for a name or to be scared into buying a service I don’t need.

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