A Pet Peeve

The RV park is practically empty right now and everyone has spread out. Along comes Joe Blow in his pickup and camper and what does he do? Park right next to me. Never mind that he could have parked two spaces away on either side, he had to park about a foot and a half from my rig, blocking my sun. I’ve been working on the generator on and off all day and now he’s so close to me that I don’t even have room anymore to work on the driver’s side of the rig! Moreover, he backed into a pull-thru (!), so why couldn’t he have backed into into one of the small water-front sites instead of taking up a site meant for a larger rig? *growls*

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  • It’s truely unbelievable, isn’t it. Here’s an excerpt from our trip journal last year when we were parked in a huge empty parking at a Cabelas store in Michigan…

    Woke up at about 6:20am.

    Yes, you’re thinking, this is far too early to be waking up. We thought the same thing. The first thing that entered my mind is that I could hear a generator running. I know that when we went to sleep last night, there had been another motorhome that had pulled into the parking area, but I didn’t think it was that close to us. Ruth moved the blind on her side of the bed, and exclaimed “there’s somebody parked right next to us!”.

    So here we were, in this huge empty parking lot, with someone parked right next to us with their generator running. At 6:20am.

    I simply can’t figure this out, so I get up and get dressed and open our door. Yes, there is a small motorhome right beside us, and two guys standing outside of it. I ask them, incredulously, what they were thinking. A big empty parking lot, at 6:20am, and they park right beside us, running their generator. I shake my head, and one of them mumbles something about moving. I closed the door, and within minutes we hear their engine start up and they move further away.

    I am certain those two were not even sharing a single brain cell between them!

  • Maybe they were trying to form a community?

  • Kevin: must be the same idiots. *rolls eyes*

    1001 petals: I’m more of a a house than an apartment person, if you get my drift. I like to have space around me in order to be happy within a community.

  • Rae, I bet you were thinking you were going to be getting away from it all?? 🙂 I guess these guys thought there would be safety in numbers – well two anyway. Maybe they haven’t been norh before and they were afraid of the bears or wildlife getting them…..you just never know these days!! You look like you are having waaaay fun!

  • Marilyn, you’re too funny! I still can’t believe that there is a whole row free and I’ve still managed to be crowded. *sighs*

    It is, indeed, waaaay fun. 😀

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