A New Desk and a Place to Sit

My desk was fine while I was only doing a little work from home, but its lack of ergonomics was starting to get to me. I also learned that the importance of drawers should not be underestimated. So, I started to troll Craigslist for a desk. It had to fit under the window within the bumpout, be reasonably lightweight, have at least three drawers, be cheap, and be attractive enough to not drive me nuts until I got around the refinishing it.

Yesterday, I found it. Perfect doesn’t begin to describe it. It looks like it was a Glendale option for the back room, it so matches the style of the rig!

Don’t mind the rat’s nest of wires, I have a plan for dealing with them. 🙂

I believe this was originally meant to be a child’s desk, judging from the low height of the keyboard tray, which I won’t be using. It was priced at $45, but my offer of $30 was accepted.

I have, for now, put the little bookcase next to the desk, but I’m not sure if it will stay there. I would love to leave it there with the printer on top, but I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to secure the printer. It is so heavy that it has never once moved from its perch on a piece of non-skid material at the end of the bed, but it would be just my luck to have it fall now.

The seller is downsizing to a smaller house and had a lot of things for sale. Something told me to go dig through her garage where I found this:

(I just noticed Neelix scoping out his new sleeping spot, LOL!)

It’s exactly what I was looking for! The chair is of high quality–solid metal joints and covered with genuine leather, but the fabric frame is falling apart and the whole thing looks hideous and worn. I convinced the seller to let me have it for $15, calculating that a can of spray paint and new cloth-backed vinyl would cost me less than $50 (I already have some foam that would be perfect for the padding). I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it pretty or not, but it will be a good project and not too expensive of an experiment. I would probably paint the metal frame dark brown and then recover the chair in blue vinyl.

(Neelix has given the chair his seal of approval!)

Here is photographic proof of why hatchbacks rock:

I got the desk, chair, and stool in the car and still managed to close all the doors. The seller suggested I come back for the chair, but I know that when you get a good deal you should run with it. Someone else could have come by after me and countered with more money.

I have lots of work to do in the study and the new desk is going to help immensely. I will have to secure it first using a few brackets screwed into the wall; all the drawers will need is a simple stick down through the pulls. I have to decide how I’m going to manage my wires and peripherals so that I don’t have to put everything away when I’m stopped and that will most likely involve moving the very badly located plug. I’ve been given instructions on how to do so, but playing with electricity always makes me nervous. 🙂

When I planned the renos for this winter, I would never have thought that I would pull out of Campbell River with all the furnishings and goodies I wanted, so I guess some things are just meant to be!

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  • I just love that desk!

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  • Me too!

    In a stick house, I would have hated it. It’s particle board and has no architectural value at all. But in Miranda it just *fits*. I love how the front has a bit of a curve that exactly matches the curve along the bottom of my cabinets. I could decide to not paint for years and never once look at my desk and sigh about what a mismatch it is!

    The drawers are roomy, too, and on nice sliders so they open easily.

    As I said, it’s perfect! 🙂

  • That chair and stool look strangely like the ones I suggested some time ago!
    A lot less money though! Make sure you show us what it looks like when you are done with it.

  • Your suggestion was actually what I’ve had in mind for a lot longer. 😀

    The biggest difference is that this chair is much lower to the ground.

    It’ll be a while yet before I do the makeover, but you can bet I’ll post about it. 🙂

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