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A Good Home Really Is Never Done

I have lots to keep me busy right now, including searching for some materials to complete a few more projects in the rig before applying the final coat of paint on everything.

One project is to build a shelf over my new desk to hold the computers and offer better cable management.

I did some shopping at Lowes and Walmart yesterday as well as extensive online shopping (I finally find something I want at Ikea and they don’t sell it online?!). I know what I want the end result to look like and it seems that I will have to build it myself. I did find a shelf on the Target website that will be a good starting point, although I will need to take my saw, a drill, and some cloth-backed vinyl to it.

The other project involves removing my beloved dishwasher and instead installing a cabinet. The dishwasher has served me so well, but it’s now leaking like a sieve and is not fixable. 🙁 Plus, I am so rarely hooked up to a power source where I can use it. When I put it in, I was still locked into a vision of RVing where I was going to be in RV parks with access to 30A most of the time and that vision has changed. If it was still functional, I would hang on to it, but it makes sense to take it out now.

So I now need an odd-sized cabinet to fill that gap, something ideally about 24″ tall and 12″ wide. I found something suitable on the Target website, but, like the shelf, I will have to take a saw to it. It’s not the sort of quality I would want for something people will see first then when they walk into my home, but it’ll do.

While I will sorely miss my dishwasher, I am starting to warm up to the idea of having a cabinet near the stove, but still far enough away, to be able to store oils and spices in it as well as all the loose bits on the counter that wind up traveling in the sink. Besides, being dishwasherless right now fits in with the improved vision for my RVing life that I am living right now.

Both pieces should arrive late this week or early next week. I would have preferred to pick them up in person, but they are only available through the online store. I’ll then have to dig out the tools again to put them in and then I might feel motivated to do that painting!

As a side note, I’m really enjoying the weather in Suffolk! It’s been sunny and in the teens in the afternoons. We did go down below freezing last night, but are back up well above that at for the next week or so, with afternoons promising to be gloriously warm and sunny.

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  • Hi Rae,
    Nice new desk 🙂
    I’m one that really hates doing dishes too. So I’m right there with ya about the dishwasher… but look at all the storage space you’ll gain.
    I always enjoy your projects. I’m paying really close attention lately 😉
    Safe travels.

  • […] gained a lot of counter space when I removed my dishwasher, but I really didn’t need that much more. What I needed was a cabinet to hold all the stuff […]

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