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A Good Day For Laundry

Today is quite sunny and windy, a perfect day for doing lots of laundry since it can dry so quickly. I started with the bed sheets and then did a couple of loads of tops and undies.

As I suspected, my clothesline doesn’t hold much, only about two Wonderwash loads of clothes or one of bedsheets.


The clothesline has a tendency to fall over the minute a slight breeze hits it. I tried to stake it into the ground, but only got bent tent pegs for my trouble. So I decided to try bricks and they are doing a fine job of keeping my clothesline upright in all this wind!


Here’s the antenna in the truck. The wind keeps turning the pole today and I have to keep running outside to correct it and try to get it to stop moving. I am not annoyed. I just can’t be bothered to ‘properly’ install the antenna when I plan to put a building in that part of the yard soonish.


While the current load on the line is drying, I am soaking my dish cloths and towels in a mild bleach and very hot water solution before washing them.


I really like having hot water accessible from an exterior tap! This is yet another feature of my RV that I have yet to take for granted. I don’t think I’d be so keen on doing my laundry outside if I had to traipse into the kitchen to get hot water.

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