A Final Bit of Storage Space

The more I live in my ‘new’ rig, the more I find that the library is missing some storage. It’s just too open and stuff gets piled up in it. I’ve been keeping my eye out for a low lying piece of furniture to put right by the front door. I thought of a credenza, dresser, or storage bench, but also liked the idea of two end tables to keep the storage configuration flexible.

Earlier this week, I spotted two free ‘oak’ end tables on Kijijiji and quickly offered the owner $10 if she’d keep them for me till today. She did and I drove east to Coaldale (10 minutes from the north end of Lethbridge or 20 minutes from home) to pick them up.

The reason she was giving them away is that one of them was the victim of a candle fire and the top is ruined.

I had second thoughts about bringing these home when I saw that they were being stored in a basement. They are made of particle board and definitely have the ‘old basement’ smell. But they have so many nice features that I decided to take a chance:

extra surface (I have some lovely contact paper to cover it!)

cavernous storage with a handy door caddy

I am going to leave them out in the sun for a few days (after having cleaned them).

If they still smell after, I’ll give them a couple of coats of verathane.

I have some ideas for how I’m going to make up for the burned top, but I think the easiest thing would be to make a padded cover for it. The top has a lip that could hold an elasticized cover. Part of the point of getting the storage unit is to get a place for the kitties to lounge in the sun, so I would have added a cushion regardless.

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  • They are quite nice and look like they have a lot of space in them. Try some vinegar to get the smell out.

  • That’s what I use to clean, diluted vinegar. Hopefully it’ll work! All the rest of my furniture is oak so they’ll fit right in.

  • Nice! Fresh air will do wonders for them 🙂 I just rescued a damaged coffee table from the ditch and had to redo the top as well. It was veneered particle board so I removed it and I’m building a plank top for it instead. Curious to see how you end up covering it, the elasticized idea has legs, especially with cats, so you can wash it.

  • Sunshine is a great sterilizer and deodorant. After an afternoon and night outside they are just about ready to come in! I can’t wait to start using them. Imagine having a place to store the vacuum cleaner! 🙂

    The one with the burnt top will definitely have a fleece cover for my gang. Fleece is great because it attracts the cat fur. I’ve had a lot less fur flying around since I started covering the cats’ favourite lounging spots with fleece.

    You’ll have to share pictures of your furniture rescue project. 😉

  • Those tables are amazing! Well worth the $10 to hold them for you. Glad you found them.

  • Please post a photo when you put the tables inside. I never get enough of seeing your wonderful cozy little home. (Plus yes, those tables have SO mucn potential!)
    PS: what kind of “fleece” are you using to attract cat hair? I just came home after a 1-week vacation and my computer chair is completely covered with white fur. I don’t understand why my black and white cat only sheds white .

  • Debbie, I will definitely post an updated picture!

    As for the fleece throws, check out this post: http://travelswithmiranda.uskeba.ca/?p=10460

    I have washed these super inexpensive throws a number of times and they still look as good as when I bought them!

  • I can’t wait to see the pictures of them inside. They appear to have a large volume of space. I know you will use it wisely.

  • Joni, I still don’t know exactly what’s going in there, but believe me they will both be stuffed. 🙂 I have the vacuum that needs a home plus my bin of ‘in progress stuff’ plus tons of paint cans that need a home!

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