A Drop of Golden Brown

Miranda’s interior makeover is definitely an amateur and barely skilled effort. But that doesn’t mean that the rig can’t still look pulled together. One of the unifying elements is the oak cabinetry throughout. The problem is that there is also mismatched wood throughout. So starting in the kitchen and then in the dressing room with the wardrobe doors, I used a golden brown colour that matches the honey oak of the cabinetry to make my additions blend in a little better. I decided to buy a ton more of this paint colour and use it in the study, which had no fewer than four different wood finishes.

Now, I suck at taking decent before shots, but here’s an idea of what the bed base looked like this morning:

As you can see, the trim was unpainted. I was going to paint it golden brown like I did with the trim around the sink in the kitchen, but the bed base had a bunch of holes and scratches. Now, it’s all golden brown:

My desk, while sporting a few chips, does match the rest of the cabinetry, so it’s fine, except for the top:

I decided to paint the top as well as my little bookcase and the new top I made for it this morning (it’s been a productive day). Both the bookcase and desk top swill be golden brown and sealed with Verathane to protect the finish. Here’s a sneak peak of that:

Finally, the white door into the toilet room from the dressing room was getting on my nerves. I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Once I was committed to buying more of the golden brown paint, the answer was obvious: match the toilet room door to the wardrobe doors. Ta-dah:

I’ve got two coats of the golden brown on now and will do a third after dinner.

Tomorrow will be a mostly lost day as I need to put in a half day at the apartment complex. I’ll be glad for the extra income and the new manager is glad to not have to come in yet on a weekend. So I hope that three coats of brown will be enough and that I will be able to apply the Verathane tomorrow. Sunday, I’ll be able to get the rig completely squared away, and Monday I will be moving back in 95% of what’s in the apartment, leaving only a functional office and kitchen!

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  • It still amazes me how much you get done so quickly. I wonder if I ever had that much energy? 🙂

  • It’s not energy, it’s running out of time. 😀

    And it’s also things running smoothly. As it turns out, I didn’t locate the new outlet in the right place, so that meant I had to push the desk right against the bed base, which meant that I now had a wider area to cover with the new bookcase top, which meant that the board I got for it the top didn’t fit anymore, which was okay since I had another piece that was exactly the right size, which meant I had less sawing to do today, which meant I got a coat of paint on before lunch! I believe this is called a happy accident. 🙂

  • What a great job you have done! I was wondering how that raceway and electrical box would look but painting it the same colour as the wall is the trick. Very professional! A job well done.

  • Thanks, Croft! I have a good teacher. 😀

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