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A Cinematic Treat

The only thing missing to make Dawson a perfect homebase for me (falafel and injara notwithstanding) is a movie theatre. Well, a group decided to remedy that this year, to a point, and launched the Dawson City Museum Cinema. The venue, a conference room in the Dawson City Museum, is probably the best choice in this town. The image quality isn’t even remotely comparable to what you’d get at a theatre and the chairs aren’t that comfortable, but it’s still very much the cinematic experience of watching a picture with other people with the smell of popcorn in the air.

Of course, I work most evenings, so I haven’t been able to coordinate my schedule with that of the cinema. I decided to move heaven and earth to get to a showing tonight, though. Last year, I missed every single movie I wanted to see over the course of the summer, but this year there was only one on my list, Ironman 2,  and it was playing tonight in Dawson!

I decided to make an event of it by pretending to be an adult and taking our young worker out for the night. We had chicken burgers at Sourdough Joe’s, got ice cream next door, then took a brief stroll around town as we finished our cones since we were a tad early for the movie.

The movie wound up being even better than I would have expected, the kids who filled the room behaved, and the popcorn was delicious. Who cares that my legs are still numb from that seat; what a fun evening!!!

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