A Bump On the Head

I think we all have projects on our lists that we tend to forget about until it would have been great to have them done, but it’s now not the right time to do them.

One such project for me was to get the hand cream and soap off of the vanity counter. It’s been four and a half years and at every departure I put the damn bottles in the sink and bemoan my not having taken the time to come up with a better storage system for them. Four and a half years! I know, I’m a moron!

I opened an overhead cabinet in the study this morning that I apparently haven’t opened in a while because the contents had shifted. I was promptly hit over the head with a wire door organizer. Gah, why do I even still have that thing?! It’s always falling on my head! I had bought a three-pack, but ended up only using two in the kitchen.

Waitaminute… I really am a moron. How many times have I moved that organizer and kicked myself for not just donating it already? Not nearly as many times as I have kicked myself for not securing the stuff on the vanity, but a lot. And the solution was to merge the two annoyances, like so:


As for the bowl and cup on the counter, I’m just about out of water on the on board tank, so I keep the bowl filled from a large jug I replenish in the beach’s public bathroom and then use the cup as a dipper.

Yes, I could probably pull out and find water somewhere, but why bother? The only reason to have running water in my opinion is to have hot running water. I have a 10-gallon water heater and am not taking showers, so heating that much water would be stupid. Ergo the bowl. For doing the dishes, I have a large pot that I can fill with water and heat on the stove.

It’s no hardship and it actually makes it easier for me to be conservative with my water use as I know exactly how much I’m using in a day, which is about a gallon (4L). I could surely reduce that more, but I like to have really clean dishes, so no just washing them in a cup of water when I can haul all the water I want.

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  • Good solution. I have been thinking about how to secure Craig’s large squirt bottle of hand wash. He uses it in the last few minutes before departure because that is when he unhooks plumbing and power so his ands get dirty. He has sensitive skin and hast to use mild soap. We just put the bottle in the sink. I would like abetter solution, and yours looks ideal.

  • Are you using a Blue Willow China cup for a water dipper??? LOL
    I am feeling how special you are right now!

  • Merikay, dirty hands at departure seem to be a fact of life. 🙁

    Gina, I use what I have, and what I have is blue willow china, or, at least, what’s left of it since the accident. http://travelswithmiranda.uskeba.ca/?p=14783 As for special, I hope that’s a good thing… 😉

  • In the old movies they usually use an old metal soup ladle looking thing, so it really cracked me up that you are using “fancy dishes” to do a mundane task, but like ‘ya said you use what you got! I have always liked that pattern.

    I had forgotten about the dishes you lost in the wreck, it is a crying shame.
    My mother bought me a set of Fiesta dishes for a wedding present.
    As I slowly break two or three pieces a year, I cry a lil tear each time. I feel like I am breaking memories and sweeping them up and throwing them away. They aren’t JUST dishes anymore.

  • […] put on the bed in the back or in one of the sinks when I travel. I eliminated the sink storage by adding storage near the bathroom vanity and with a new kitchen […]

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