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A Better Way to Store the Sewer Hose

Back in mid-2010, before leaving Campbell River, I saw a modification Croft had made to his RV that made me drool.

It only took two and a half years, but I now have a wonderfully practical and non-messy way to store my sewer hose!

All it involves is attaching behind the rear bumper a length of rigid pipe with a wider diameter than the sewer pipe and then finding a way to secure the ends so the sewer hose won’t slip out.

I bought a long length of pipe in Oliver and somewhere down the road, I cut it in two. I only really need the short end, so the other half has been in the way. No more!

(When I’m on sewer hook ups, I slip the sewer hose into the pipe to protect the hose. I once had someone mow a lawn to close to my pipe, throw up a rock, and pierce the hose.)

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1 Comment

  • […] I needed about 25′ of hose to get to her outlet and mine and the kits were all 20′, with no couplings to put sections together. I finally clued in that I could connect my hose to a really nice complete kit with new fittings, so I splurged (all of $30) and got that. It is going to be so much nicer to wrangle than my current setup, except that it doesn’t fit in my new sewer pipe holder! […]

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