Sep 12, 2014 -

A New Blog

The day has come that I’m sure many of you saw coming.

This is the final post for Travels With Miranda. While RV living continues to be a huge part of my life and I do eventually plan to travel in an RV again, RVing is no longer the focus of my life.

I’ve been wanting to start blogging again more regularly, but have been hesitant because the subjects were not pertinent to an RVing blog. There is so much going on in my life right now, work, impending travel, and Haven projects that I need a blog that reflects my suddenly much fuller life.

So I can now be found at A Life By Design. This new blog is very much a work in progress and doesn’t have much content yet, but it will grow and expand as needed. I am going for a more minimalist look that focuses on the narrative. I also will be categorizing posts so that folks who are only interested in travel or RVing or Haven projects can just follow those categories.

You will find at the top a link to the new blog’s RSS feed as well as my new Twitter. I am keeping the Travels With Miranda facebook page for the time being and will continue to post on there regularly, as I have been doing for the past few months.

I hope that you will all follow me in this new chapter of my life and that my life will continue to interest you. Frankly, I look forward to writing about my experiences buying groceries in Mexico this winter instead of yet another season of blogging about how cold it is and how expensive propane is getting. 🙂

For those of you who choose to leave, thank you for sharing the journey to this point and best wishes in the future.

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