Sep 1, 2014 -

A Lick of Paint

I plan to finish the exterior of the graineries with metal, just like the roofs, so my latest project was about preserving the weather-worn grainery more than making it pretty: painting the OSB cladding. Had the OSB been the final cladding, as it is on Charles’ graineries, I would have added trim to close gaps and make the building look more finished. Since I plan to do the metal cladding within a year or two, weatherproof was good enough.

Now, I can’t believe I don’t have a decent before picture of the shed at Haven! I can see it so clearly in my mind that I was sure that I’d taken a picture of it from the road.

At any rate, these should refresh your memory:

And now:

Charles is back at work here tomorrow to get started on the cabin roof (parts away from the power line) and he might have time to build the door for the shed.

Cleaning the shed has proven to be quite a challenge as there is a lot of mouse poop stuck to the floor. I have tried scraping with a shovel and power washing, but need to put in more effort. So the next project, after Charles and are done, will be to get on my hands and knees with a small scraper and a bucket of bleachy water. Not very glamourous, but it needs to be done!

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