170 Megabytes

Today is the start of a new billing cycle with Telus and it’s going to take some adjustment. I only have 5GB available to me, or 170MB per day. It was easy to live on so little bandwidth back in Dawson since the connection was slooow up there. But here, in southern Alberta, I can stream and download as though I was on a hard wired connection. I had no problem using up 5GB in the week I’ve been here!

To put that 170MB into perspective, I’ve been online for a half hour and have only been surfing and doing email, I haven’t streamed or downloaded anything. I’ve already used up a third of today’s allowance.

My 5GB costs, with tax, $72 a month, so that’s $14.40 per GB. You’d think it’d be possible to just pay piece meal for additional data, right? Ha! Each additional MB over my allowance is 5 cents. There are 1024 MB in a GB. So each extra GB costs $51 (plus taxes and fees)!

I think it’s ridiculous that there is such a thing as unlimited talk and text, but you are only allowed 5GB for surfing.

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  • If you want to save some MB, you can tell your browser to not load pictures automatically. That saves a lot, over time. On an Apple computer, there should be a way to click and download the pictures if you need or want to see them. Just an idea!

    Glad you’re enjoying the flyer routes. I never got to visit Lethbridge, but it sounds like a nice city.


  • That is so limiting. Are there no other internet plans? We’re with Telus in Toronto (not usually available but our building was wired by them and have exclusive phone/internet deals with them) and we have unlimited access for less than what you pay.

  • 1001petals: mobile internet is a whole other world from home internet. 🙁

  • Andrew, that’s a great idea, thank you! I’ll research out to do that.

    Lethbridge is definitely growing on me!

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